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August 08, 2002

The Travel Nurse Weekly Volume 1, Number 9 August 08, 2002


Area: ER (2)
Shift: Nights/Days
Start Date: 8/9/02
Pay: $29.50/hr
Location: Orange County, CA

Area: Med-Surge
Shift: Nights
Start Date: ASAP
Pay: $27.50/hr
Location: San Diego, CA

Area: OR (10)
Shift: Nights/Days 8-hour and 13-hour
Start Date: 8/9/02
Pay: $32.00/hr
Location: San Francisco, CA

Area: ER
Shift: Nights
Start Date: ASAP
Pay: $24.00/hr
Location: Madisonville, KY

Area: Medical-Surgical (14)
Shift: Nights only
Start Date: 8/9/02
Pay: $21.50/hr
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Note: $2,000 completion bonus 13 weeks.

Area: ER
Shift: Nights
Start Date: 8/9/02
Pay: $25.00/hr
Location: Klamath Falls, OR

Area: PICU
Shift: Nights 11p-7a
Start Date: ASAP
Pay: $30.00/hr
Location: Oakland, CA

There are thousands of other positions throughout the United States. Contact a recruiter Toll Free at 1-866-687-7390.


You Might Be a Nurse if:

- When using a public restroom, you wash your hands with soap for a full minute and turn off the faucets with your elbows.

- When you tell a man you meet for the first time you're a nurse, you're expected to laugh hysterically when he asks you for a sponge bath, as if it was the most original and wittiest thing you've ever heard.

- Your favorite dream is the one where you leave a mess at a patient's bedside and tell a doctor to clean it up.

- Everyone, including complete strangers, tells you about each and every ache and pain they have.

- You want to put your foot through the TV screen every time you see a nurse on a soap opera doing nothing but talking on the phone and flirting with doctors.

- You can almost SEE the germs on doorknobs and telephones.

- You can watch the goriest movie and eat anything afterwards, even spaghetti with lots of tomato sauce.

- You use a plastic 30cc medicine cup for a shot glass.


EARN $5,000.00!

Each time you refer a new travel nurse to Access Nurses you earn $250.00 when they complete their first assignment. When you reach 10 referrals you will receive an additional $2,500.00 bonus! That’s a total of $5,000.00 for referring 10 friends who complete an assignment with Access Nurses.


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Posted by Robert at August 8, 2002 02:38 AM