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September 21, 2005

Access Nurses Weekly Volume 4 Number 21 September 21, 2005

Access Nurses Weekly
Volume 4 Number 21 September 21, 2005

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Featured cast member from NurseTV: Meet Alycen Skorvonek

For this former chef, park ranger and paramedic accustomed to small-town life, California is another world: the traffic, the crowding, the exorbitant cost of living. Even nursing is different. Once, while working in an emergency room, Alycen was accidentally shot by a gang member who had come in looking for a member of a rival gang. "It was a huge wakeup call for me. I've never lived anywhere that had gangs like this," she said.

And yet, Alycen feels right at home here after 1-1/2 years. A self-proclaimed movie fanatic, nothing would make her happier than bumping into the man of her dreams, George Clooney - except, of course, for marrying him. When she's not at the movie theaters, you can catch her reading, camping, hiking or skydiving. Professionally, Alycen has been a nurse for four years and a traveler for two. She loves being able to see the effect she has on her patients' lives, and hopes she can help educate the general public about the intricacies of nursing by being on "13 Weeks." "Nurses can be a catalyst to change one's life toward the good," she said.

View Alycen Skorvonek's audition here ! http://13weeks.nursetv.com/cast/alycenskorvonek/

Featured Location: Boston MA

Boston, one of America's oldest cities, is infused with much of the culture and tradition that defines our country. Whether you want to immerse yourself in colonial history or check out the more modern attractions, there's something here to fulfill all of your desires. If you're into history and sightseeing, take a self-guided walking tour of Freedom Trail, which will take you past such Revolutionary War landmarks as the Bunker Hill Monument. Or, visit one of the city's many renowned museums. For sports nuts in Boston during the baseball season, no stay would be complete without a trip to historic Fenway Park to see the city's beloved Red Sox try to defend their World Series title.

Boston has some of the best healthcare facilities around. Massachusetts General Hospital, for instance, is one of the top-ranked in the nation, according to a current U.S. News survey, and was rated in the top 10 in several areas of care. While on assignment, you'll work with some of the best professionals in the business. To join a team passionate about caring for others, contact your recruiter today.


Featured Forum Topic

Doctors survey hospital food, reveal current trends
...it is imperative that hospitals set a good example...

Read more/reply at http://www.nurse-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=8374


2. Earning Power

Earn up to $2500 per week in California.
4-13 week assignments.
Shared housing.
Must be willing to work between 4 and 6 shifts per week.
Must be willing to work at multiple hospitals within a 40 mile radius.

Current Openings:
ICU & Tele in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange Country and San Diego

Call your recruiter for details.

3. Per Diem Nursing Jobs

If you have extra time, we have extra shifts! (888) 346-8773 or (888) 34-NURSE

Boost Your Pay with Per Diem Opportunities from Access Nurses... How does $500 on your day off sound to you? Access Nurses offers high paying per diem shifts throughout the state of California. Pick up additional shifts at local hospitals to boost your weekly pay; if you work enough hours, you can even take advantage of the benefits that Access Nurses can offer to full-time personnel. Register now to get started, or call us toll-free at (888) 346-8773 for more information!


4. Featured Travel Assignments

Contact your recruiter or call Access Nurses at 866.687.7390 to inquire about the following jobs!

Specialty: Med Surg/Tele
Positions: 8 RN
Shift: 12 Hour Days and Nights
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Specialty: ICU
Positions: 1 RN
Shift: 12 Hour Nights
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Bishop, CA

Specialty: Radiology
Positions: 2 RN
Shift: 8 or 10 Hour Days (No call, No W/E, No Holidays)
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Specialty: Ambulatory
Positions: 3 RN
Shift: 8 and 12 Hour Nights available
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Specialty: Hospice
Positions: 1 RN
Shift: 8 Hour Nights
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Pleasanton, CA

Specialty: OR
Positions: 1 RN
Shift: All
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Hershey, PA

Specialty: ICU & PACU
Positions: 1 RN
Shift: Nights
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Boston, MA

Specialty: L&D, NICU, Onc, CCU ER, OR, Tele, Med Surg
Positions: 1 RN
Shift: Nights
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Westchester & Duchess & Manhattan Counties, NY

Specialty: NICU III
Positions: 1 RN
Shift: Any Shift
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Charleston, SC

Specialty: CCU
Positions: 1 RN
Shift: 12 Hour Nights
Start Date: ASAP
Location: New Bern, NC

Specialty: L&D
Positions: 5 RN
Shift: Days/Nights
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA

Specialty: OR
Positions: 5 RN
Shift: Days
Start Date: ASAP
Location: San Diego, Santa Maria, Bakersfield, CA

5. Referral Program
EARN $5000

Each time you refer a new travel nurse to Access Nurses, we will pay you $250.00 when they complete their first assignment. If you reach ten referrals, you will receive an additional $2,500.00 bonus! That is a total of $5,000.00 for referring ten friends who complete an an assignment with Access Nurses.

To refer a friend, call us Toll Free at 1-866-687-7390.

6. Forward To A Friend

If you know travel nurse friends who would benefit from this newsletter, please forward it to them. We are always looking for great new members!

7. Subscription Information

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We hope you enjoyed this week's Nurse Newsletter!

Thank you,
The Access Nurses Team

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